Dreamer.  10/19/2017

Dreamer. 10/19/2017

Meaning of

   This painting represents my battle between doing what I love to do for a living  versus being in the corporate world. The butterflies in my paintings represent happiness and a love which in this case is my art and creativity. In this picture my art and creativity is pulling me closer and closer to my dreams and out of a regular life. When people have suits on in my pictures it represents a professional corporate life. So this represents me taking that business side into the creativity. And last but not least, most of you know the paperbag represents awareness and the mood I’m reflecting out into the world which is happiness. In some cases the paperbag doesn’t always reflect how you truly feel on the inside. That’s the point of it though; to make people aware that some people may seem happy when that’s not always the case, and some people may come off rude or angry but you never know what they’re going through. For those of you who read this completely I appreciate it so much! Hopefully this gives you a better insight and understanding to the rest of my paintings. Thank you for your support. 

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